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The Church and Area

Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, is immediately to the west of the Potteries (Stoke-on-Trent) but fiercely retains its 800+ years of independence.

St Paul's Parish Church is set adjacent to a small park, sandwiched between the girls' and boys' sites of Newcastle-under-Lyme (independent) School.

You can see the position of St. Paul's if you click on the links below. Map 1 shows all the streets in the centre of Newcastle whilst the other is a 1:25,000 map of the area.

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    The Church was provided by public subscription in 1908 for this section of Newcastle. A local philanthropist (Archibald Coghill) generously ensured that it was a spacious building constructed superbly of stone inside and out and with a splendid spire. It possesses a magnificent pipe organ which has been maintained and enhanced and is becoming famous throughout the UK as eminent organists ask to play on it. A modern Church Hall was built on to the side of the Church in 1974, but is hidden behind the vast tower.View of St. Paul's across the park

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    The High Altar

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    The worship is of traditional style, with Readers and members of the congregation taking an active role, and enhanced by the beauty of music.

    The chief aim is to inspire people to express their worship of God, but there is a "family" atmosphere about the Church's fellowship, and each Sunday coffee is provided before the 11.00 am Eucharist service (from 10.15 am - 10.45 am) to enable people to grow in fellowship. Handmade cards are also sold.




    Further Pictures of the Church

    The Church in Autumn The Church in Spring The Nave The East Window
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    The Baptistry with the Font
    The Lady Chapel
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    Other Pictures

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    New Pictures

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    Church Leaders

    VicarRev. Derek J. Lloyd  MA
    (in plurality with St Michael's, Cross Heath):
    Tel: 01782 662839
    ChurchwardensCliff Carnall
    Mike Watkin
    Director of MusicFrederick Hewitt MA, Mus B, FRCO
    Tuesday Group-
    Rainbows, Guides and Brownies meet weekly in the Church Hall

    Further Information about the Leaders and Organisations.




    Church Services

    Worship at St Paul's

    We have been using Common Worship for the Eucharist for some years, with our own booklets produced to cover the chief seasons of the year. The Eucharist is sung in Advent and Lent using the setting by Merbecke, and in other seasons the one by Malcolm Archer.

    The Book of Common Prayer is used at Evensong which is held on Sundays at 3.30 pm. The hymnal "Common Praise" is used.

    Sunday morning fellowship in the church hall over tea/coffee from 10.15 am - 10.45 am leads naturally into the Eucharist at 11am .

    On Tuesdays the Eucharist is celebrated in the Lady Chapel at 10.30 am, followed by fellowship over tea in the hall.

    On the first Thursday of each month, the Guild of St Raphael group meets at 7.30 pm 'at St. Michael's, Cross Heath'. , followed by the celebration of the Eucharist with Ministry for Healing - anointing with oil and laying on of hands. Those receiving this ministry may do so either for themselves or on behalf of others.




    The Organ at St. Paul's

    Organ A generous benefactor, Archibald Coghill, provided the original organ in 1913. An ardent organ enthusiast himself, he gave this Church a very fine instrument built by the great organ-builder, Dr Arthur Hill.

    In 1950, and again in 1963, work was done to clean and overhaul it by Hill, Norman and Beard. Various additions took place over the years.

    The eighty-year-old action of the organ was beginning to break down despite constant running repairs with such items as superglue, and it was realised that unless the organ was renovated, it would progressively stop working until eventually it would be defunct.

    Eminent cathedral organists wrote for our Appeal brochure: "The organ was originally built to a very high standard. Nevertheless its pneumatic action is almost totally worn out. Modernisation in electro-pneumatic form is now urgently needed." A number of other organists of national repute also testified to the quality of the organ and following an Appeal, the organ was fully restored and even enhanced.

    Now with its superbly equipped console, computer play-back system, capture system comprising 12 piston settings on each of its 4 memory channels, all instantly changeable at the console, its 4-octave compass Glockenspiel and new 32' reed, it is without question one of the finest parish church organs in the country, thanks to the superb organ-building of George and Andrew Sixsmith





    Concerts at St. Paul's Church

    Since the restoration of the organ, we have aimed to provide an annual series of Organ Concerts, ranging in style from music for the most discriminating connoisseur to the light entertainment of the brilliant playing of Nigel Ogden.

    A number of "old friends" who have in the past delighted us with their musicianship have been invited back, and some new fingers and feet will also be drawing musical magic from this astounding organ.

    Lunchtime Music 12.30 pm to 1.00 pm.
    Short concerts lasting about half an hour are held on the second Tuesday of each month. Tea and coffee are available from 12 noon. Admission is free but Donations are invited.
    Summer Wednesday Evening concerts for 2011. Admission to these is £6.

  • Click here to see details of concerts for 2013. These will be shown in a separate window. Updated 19th March 2013

  • Picture of Nigel Ogden

    Bursary Scheme
    A Bursary scheme for choristers and an organ student is offered. For further details contact the Director of Music, Frederick Hewitt,M.A.Mus.B FRCO on 01782 844561





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