The Parish of St. James - Wednesbury

The St James Lighthouse Centre

The St James Lighthouse centre aims to provide a safe, accepting and welcoming environment where local people can meet, find support and access a variety of training and personal development activities. We offer personal support and access to information, advice and guidance both on site and via other help organisations.

The St James Lighthouse now operates in Wednesbury from the St James Centre it is providing a wide range of support services, training opportunities and leisure activities that support the needs of local and surrounding communities.

Services We Offer

The St James Lighthouse provides the following core services, together with additional programmes and activities designed to meet specific local needs.

  • Vocational and non-vocational training Quit Smoking programmes
  • Pre-employment support programmes Heath education / health assessments
  • Information technology suite Information and advice facilities
  • Volunteer opportunities / work experience Over 50s clubs
  • Career and employment guidance Drug awareness
  • Adult mentoring programmes Skills for Life programmes
  • Pregnancy testing and counselling Skills for Living support groups
  • Drop-in and community meeting facilities Relationship and individual counselling

    As well as all this you can of course just pop in for a chat and a cuppa, our Staff and volunteers are always available to sit down and talk about anything that might be disturbing you.

    The need and desire for accessible IT facilities in many communities is very high.  Working in partnership with other local organizations, we provide subsidised access to a bank of computers each day, together with formal and informal tuition and guidance. Providing people with the opportunity to grow in confidence, develop new skills and play a more active part in the community.  It also allows them to compete more effectively in the employment market and to access Government services.

    Main aims of The St James Lighthouse

    For adults:

    • To facilitate a variety of services which include access to basic literacy and numeracy training, vocational training, counseling, health education, parenting skills, help with housing, training for work programmes and group work to build individual self-esteem and confidence, leading to more active and fulfilling lives.
    • To provide drop-in facilities where local people can access services and opportunities that would not normally be easily available to them.
    • To offer information, advice and guidance on a whole range of issues, and to provide access to one-to-one mentoring support.
    • To provide much-needed crèche and playgroup facilities.


    By focusing on the needs of both families and individuals, The St James Lighthouse is directly helping to improve the lives of many people in the area by encouraging them to look ahead and take positive steps to realise their full potential. 

    Those who have accessed the St James Lighthouse have benefited greatly from their participation in various programmes and activities and often comment on how much they have learnt and grown as individuals. Many have moved on to further education, training and employment.  We Hope to develop our crèche facilities as we see these as vital in enabling parents to access the support they require.

    The St James Lighthouse works with many other organisations & agencies to deliver the services it provides. In this way, we are able to provide a truly holistic approach to addressing the issues, barriers and challenges that keep people from building better lives for themselves and their families.

    SUPPORT GROUPS some by drop in others by appointment

    Drop in Centre Pop in have a cuppa and a chat, maybe have a breakfast or a sandwich.
    Brook Advisory
    Free and confidential
    family planning advice for the under 25s
    Credit Union Available every Tuesday from 9.30am - 12.30pm
    Health Assessments
    Need a health check?
    Book your appointment with us
    Information, Advice and Guidance
    One-to-one support, by appointment,
    to help you find your career path
    IT Zone Free access to computers and the internet
    Job Search Free use of the IT facilities to look for employment
    Mentoring Service
    Personal support and someone to talk to
    by appointment
    Pre-employment skills
    Advice sessions
    designed to help you prepare for employment
    Racial Equality Information Point
    Information and advice on discrimination,
    prejudice and racism
    What's What?
    A series of advice sessions on: First Aid, Debt, Health, Disabilities, Domestic Violence, Equality/Rights, Drugs/Alcohol, Housing, Benefits
    and Social/Neighbourhood issues
    Art Social Group
    An informal group for those who enjoy art
    and meeting people
    Battlefield of the Mind Overcoming negative thoughts and seeing what's in the Bible to help
    Bereavement Group Support for those who have lost a loved one
    Computer Social Group
    A friendly group using the IT facilities,
    and sharing hints and tips
    Creative Writing Workshop An informal, friendly writers' group helping you to express yourself
    Life Worth Loving Learn to live a positive life, exploring identity, responsibility and self-image
    NHS Non-smoking
    Need to quit?
    Come and take the first steps with a supportive group
    Over 50s club A lively social group offering fun, outings, speakers and much more
    Prayer Anyone is welcome to take part in our prayer groups
    Social Crafts Groups
    Informal groups for those who enjoy crafting
    and meeting people
    Support and Relaxation A social group where you can talk to others about your life experiences and learn several relaxation techniques

    What do I need to receive this service or support?

    The St James Lighthouse is there for individuals and families from any area and any walk of life, including people in receipt of benefits or on low incomes, single parents both male and female, people living alone, refugees and people from an array of backgrounds who are suffering social exclusion. 

    How do I apply for this service or support?

    Telephone: 0121 505 2610
    Website: TBA
    In person or writing: The St James Lighthouse St James Street Wednesbury West Midlands WS10 7DY

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