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About the Parish

Wellington and Telford
Telford is a New Town, created in the 1970's  and comprising several older towns including Wellington.  But those older towns have retained their identity and Wellington is proud to retain it's own character as a Market Town.  The market first received it's Royal Charter in the 13th Century.

Christ Church, Wellington
Christ Church was built in 1838 as a daughter church to All Saints', which is situated in the centre of town.  In 1852 Christ Church became a separate parish and serves the area of Arleston and south Wellington.

Together as the Body of Christ
Christ Church works closely with the other Christian churches in Wellington. We are members of the Wellington and District Association of Churches together with:  All Saints', Wellington (Anglican); Holy Trinity, Hadley (Anglican), St Patrick's, Wellington (Roman Catholic); Wellington Methodist Church; Union Free Church, Wellington (Baptist/URC). We also have links with The First Church of Jesus Christ Apostolic, Tan Bank, Wellington and Elim Pentecostal Church, Hadley.

Our Challenge
Together with our sister churches Christ Church needs to meet a challenge.  Many people in the area of the Parish have felt the hardships of comparative poverty, unemployment and family breakdown.  As a Christian community we are called to exercise a ministry of care and compassion. We are seeking that fulfil that task locally. We are actively involved in the following within the parish:

  • Age Concern Day Centre
  • Carer and Toddler Group
  • Credit Union
  • Watling Centre (Community Groups)
  • Local Racial Justice issues
  • Management of schools and colleges
  • Inter-Faith co-operation
  • Mental Health Day Centre. 

Through our links with U.S.P.G. and Christian Aid we are in partnership with the World-Wide Church. Please pray for us as we seek God's will and purpose.

Two Religions Meet
Our part of Wellington is the home of a large Islamic (Muslim) population.
There are good links with Christ Church and one Mosque and it's school meet in the Church Hall.  Christianity and Islam share so much, the Holy Quran says, "The nearest in affection to those who believe are the ones who say, 'We are Christians'"  We hope that the links and friendship between our two religions are repeated elsewhere.