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Blakenall Heath in the Great War

This year is the centenary of the outbreak of World War One. All over the country, events will be taking place to commemorate the lives of those who died or were injured in that terrible war.

Inside Christ Church, in the Lady Chapel, is a memorial to those from Blakenall Heath parish who were killed. It is frightening to see just how many men‘s names are on it, for the population of the area then would have been much smaller than it is today.

Christ Church is hoping to stage a commemorative exhibition later this year, and with that in mind we are hoping to find out at least a little about the men on the memorial. For example, the webmaster's great uncle, Samuel Birch was killed when a mine exploded in his trench. He was a single man of 47 who had volunteered to serve with the South Staffordshire Regiment in September 1914 and he died on 13th April 1916 near Arras in northern France. Prior to enlisting he had been a miner who lived with his parents Samuel and Janetta at 6, Field Street. We have a picture of him that appeared in the Walsall Observer.

If you have a connection to , or have any information on, any of the men whose names appear on the Memorial, please contact Father Paul, Father Mark or the webmaster. Below are the names which are on the memorials and also pictures of the memorials.

Job Allen
Robert Allen
William Allen
Josiah Allport
George Allsopp
Joseph Allsopp
Isaac Andrews
Harry Arrowsmith
Charles Arrowsmith
Harold Baugh
Joseph Battison
Leonard Beech
Harry Bentley
Samuel Birch
Thomas Albert Bricknell
William James Brindley
Harry Broom
Wilfred Brough
Charles Bullock
Charles William Burrowson
Alfred Bushnell
Giles Bloomer
James Bryan
Charles Burns

George Bushnell
Walter Carter
John Cockayne
John Thomas Cooper
Thomas Cooper
William Holden Davies
James Dawson
David Downs
William Duce
James Dunn
Thomas Dunn
Stephen Edgerton
Charles Edwards
Bertram Elkes
Robert Elmore
Thomas Evans
Hyla Fletcher
Josiah Fletcher
Harry Forest
Charles Fox
William Gallear
David Thomas Gee
Godfrey Fletcher
William Golby

Edgar Goodall
Samuel Goodall
Charles Hall
Samuel George Harrison
Frank Harvey
Arthur Henry Hasketh
Percy Hawes
Aaron Haywood
Ernest Haywood
James Heeley
Amos Henden
Henry Hobson
Joseph Hobson
Albert Sidney Hooper
Bernard Hooper
Leonard Hooper
Bartholomew Hopley
John Horton
John William Harriman
John Ison
Alfred Jennings
Henri Labot
William Lavender
William Henry Lawley

Arthur Linnell
Percy Llewellyn
Frederick Lord
Elijah Marsh
Reginald Marsh
Charles Edward Martin
Clifford Mason
Roland Mason
William Mason
Leonard Morris
William Newens
Fred Owen
Jack Owen
William Parkes
Jack Parton
Ezekiel Perks
Albert Pitt
William Henry Powell
Josiah Price
Gwynedd Pritchard MC
Joel Raybould
William Redfern
Alfred Ross
William Thomas Ross

Richard Reeves
Frank Rowbotham
Alfred Rudd
Harry Rudd
David Scott MM
William Sharratt
John Shepherd
Sidney Shepherd
Albert Edward Smith
Frank Edgar Smith
James Smith
James Thomas Smith
Joseph Smith
Tom Smith
Ambrose Squire
Joseph Stackhouse
Eli Stanley
Arthur Stanton
James Stanton
Herbert Victor Stead
Harry Stokes
William Tasker
Harry Taylor
Harry Samuel Taylor
Herbert Taylor
William Turner
Richard Walters
George Whitehouse
Job Whitehouse
John Henry Willett
Frank Edward Wilmore
Frank Yates
James Yates
Tom Yates

Christ Church Peace Celebration

In July, Christ Church, together with Christ Church Primary School, will be remembering those men of Blakenall Heath who gave their lives in the Great War and those who were gassed, suffered injury, shell shock or became Prisoners of War. Altogether there are 128 names of the Memorial in Christ Church Lady Chapel, a large number for the population as the parish was much smaller then than it is today.

The week will begin with a Peace Service on Sunday 13th July at 3.00 pm, and the children of Christ Church School will be contributing to this with songs, poems and an act of remembrance. During the week there will be an exhibition of artwork, WW1 field finds and artifacts. There will also be a display of WW1 literature, in particular the poems of the Anglican Chaplain, 'Woodbine Willie' (Geoffrey Anketell Studdert Kennedy). Why not come along and find out about the heroes of Blakenall Heath.

Pictures of the WW1 Memorials

1: Click here to see the picture of the War Memorials on the wall of the Lady Chapel. The World War 1 memorials are at the top just below the windows. The WW2 memorials are just below the WW1 memorials.

2: Click here to see the memorials in more detail.

3: Click here to see the two left hand panels in more detail.

4: Click here to see the two right hand panels in more detail.

5: Click here to see the title panel in the centre.