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When Forton Church first possessed bells is not recorded but in 1553 there were three small bells and a sanctus bell. No more is known until 1722, about the time of the major rebuilding of the church. It would seem from the church wardens accounts that, like the rest of the church , they were in need of repair, though for the time the matter was shelved.

From the accounts of 1728 and 1729, signed by Richard Smith and Mary Cranmore, Church Wardens*, the bells were taken to a founder in Edgbaston, and came back as five bells at a cost of 78.

The inscriptions show bells 2, 3, 4 and 5 to be gifts of that date so it appears the bells were remade into ones bearing the names of the benefactors. In 1859 two bells were recast and a new tenor bell was added. All the bells were rehung with new frames and tower floors.

The Church has 6 bells which are rung on special occasions. Our Tower Captain is Peter Cadwaladr who can be contacted on 01952 820080.

In 1922 the bells were rehung through the generosity of Sir Francis Boughey. The very tuneful peal of six bells comprises:-

BellWeightInscription and date
1: Treble


6: Tenor
3 cwt

12 cwt
Richard Cranmer Richard Smith Churchwardens 1729
Mr Richard Awnsham Elizabeth Baldwyn Spinster Benef'r 1729
Edw. Rogers Hennery Pigot Benef'r 1729
Recast by John Warner and Sons London 1859
Edward Rogers Rector Benef'r 1729
Recast by John Warner and Sons London 1859
Charles Baldwyn Esquire Lord of this Manor Benefactor 1729
Sir Thomas Fletcher Fenton Boughey Baronet Benefactor 1859
Recast by John Warner and Sons London 1859

NB Richard Cranmer (Cranmore or Cramer) was warden in 1729 and died in office and Mary Cranmore, his daughter, carried on in the office, an early instance of a lady warden. Before this, Richard Cranmer had been parish clerk as had his father before him.

Picture of our Bellringers

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