Church Millennium Floodlighting Project

Night front

Many people have made appreciative and entirely unsolicited comments about our church floodlighting, which was dedicated and switched on for the first time on Advent Sunday 1999, and switched on officially again on New Millennium Eve. The floodlights are turned on from 16:30 GMT until 00:30 GMT each night. We've been very pleased with the results ourselves, and with the favourable reactions from the wider public. In place of the heavy black space along the Lichfield Road at night-time, the building and grounds are now bathed in the gentle light from the floodlights. While the spotlights pick out the figure of St. Paul on the gable peak and give the spire a delightful new grace and emphasis.


Night N side

We are glad to record with gratitude donations received though further donations would still be welcome, as we are some way short of our target and have also incurred some unforeseen VAT liability!

We are glad to record our gratitude to the following business and groups for their generous donations towards the cost of our Millennium Floodlighting Project:-

In addition, we have gratefully received many personal donations, some of them anonymous.

Thank you heartily to everyone.


We wish to offer the floodlighting to our parish and community as an opportunity for marking some special occasion or commemorating a deceased person. The lights would be 'sponsored' for specific dates, and the intended dedication would be notified in this newsletter.

The floodlighting can be sponsored (to help St. Paul's with the running cost) at a rate of :-

It is hoped that the sponsorship of the floodlighting will be utilised for special days such as

If you wish to sponsor the floodlighting please contact St. Paul's via e-mail at:


Or see Roma Rose after the 10:00 a.m. service on Sundays

Please allow plenty of time before your required date/s so that your application can be processed.

St. Paul's reserves the right to refuse an application to sponsor the floodlights.