A Short History of
St. Paul's
Why is there a St. Paul's Church?

During the early 19th Century much housing development took place in the Forebridge area of Stafford. The whole of the west and south of Stafford then belonged to the Castlechurch Parish. There was a pressing need for another church within the parish, so St. Paul's was built, and was opened in 1844 as a "Chapel of Ease".

It became a Parish Church with its own parish area in 1861. The original pews provided for 608 sittings and the tower and spire were eventually completed in 1887 to mark the Jubilee of Queen Victoria.

Stafford continued to grow, and in 1887 a Mission Church was opened in Rickerscote, which was then part of our parish. Rickerscote became a separate parish as recently as 1962.

Today our own parish of St. Paul's includes over 5,000 residents. Within its boundaries can be found the two large Alstom sites (formerly Siemens/English Electric/G.E.C.), the Queensville Retail Park, Tesco's, many local government and other offices, a multitude of shops, food outlets, small businesses, pubs and several important voluntary bodies.

Aerial view