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4thFebruary 2016

Weddings etc

We Welcome Weddings:
It is always good to share with people on their wedding day, and we welcome all those who can legally be married in our churches to celebrate their wedding day in these special places. The churches in these parishes really are excellent and beautiful venues for weddings, and the cost is not high. For instance a wedding service with the organ costs only 526 in 2016. If you want the bells and a choir, there is an extra charge. If you are thinking of getting married, contact the Rector, David Chantrey on 01952-251857 or by email at, or one of the other clergy whose details are on our contacts page. We will be happy to discuss your wedding with you and when you get in touch we can give you all the details.

Baptisms (Christenings):
We will be delighted to baptize you or your baby. Anyone who lives in the Deanery can have their child baptized in one of our churches. If you live outside the Deanery, or if you want to be baptized as an adult, contact the Team Rector David Chantrey on 01952-251857 or by email at or one of the other ministers whose details are on our contacts page, and we will be happy to discuss this with you. There is no charge for a baptism, though we might need to ask you for a contribution towards the cost of providing an organist.

Funerals in our churches are generally conducted by the clergy from the Ministry Team who have pastoral responsibility for that church. We will also conduct services at crematoria. The first point of contact should usually be with the Funeral Director, though if you wish to make contact with us, you are welcome to do so. Space in our churchyards is limited, though we are still able to bury in most parishes and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Churchyards are intended for the burial of people who live in a parish or have a strong pastoral connection with a church, and our churches have churchyard burial policies which reflect this. Where a close relative (such as a husband or wife) is buried in a churchyard and there is space in the grave for a burial there is generally no problem with this.

We do not permit the reservation of grave spaces.

The church fees for a funeral depend on what is required. Broadly the fees for 2016 are as follows:

  • Service in Church with the Organ followed by burial in the churchyard 544
  • Service in Church with the Organ followed by cremation 283
  • Service at Crematorium (no service in church) 178
  • Service at Crematorium followed by burial of ashes in the churchyard 327

    For services at a Crematorium where the clergy use their own transport, a further charge is made to cover travelling. When heating is required a further charge of 33 is made. Funeral Directors will charge fees for the services they provide in addition to the church fees.

    You are welcome to contact the clergy in the Contacts list for further details.